Wafer Sealing

Tabbing Done Right

Mail comes in many sizes and styles and if you're mailing a brochure or catalog, the US Postal Service, requires that it be securely closed with a postal tab, also called a wafer seal.

At Affiliated Direct Mail, we offer the perfect solution. Our Wafer Seals are certified by the US Postal Service and are litho-coated to prevent any moisture from marring your mailing piece. All our seals meet or exceed any requirements from the US Postal Service. For any size run, our high speed application will ensure an even 50/50 fold giving your mailing piece a professional look as well as making it secure. Our Wafer Seals stick firmly yet are easily opened by the recipient without any damage to the reading material. Designed for a variety of surfaces, our Wafer Seals pass stringent strength requirements set by the United States Postal Service.

Wafer seals offer an alternative way to make a strong statement with your customers while reducing your postal expenses. In a variety of sizes and colors, our Wafer Seals are available in white and translucent

  • White - simple yet stylish, they will fit with most color schemes and offer the best value.
  • Translucent - for a professional matte finish that doesn't interrupt your design.

The Wonderful Benefits of Wafer Seals

  • USPS required for all brochure or catalog mailing pieces.
  • No glue or other adhesives ever needed
  • Forget stapling — wafer seals make for a cleaner and stronger presentation
  • Perfect for any direct mail campaign — large or small.
  • Reduce mailing costs and create SAVINGS!
  • Professional look that won't detract from your design or overall message.
  • Won't cover up any address or other critical information on your mailing piece.
  • SECURE. You'll feel confident that your valuable piece is fully secure through the mailing process and not opened until it gets to the final recipient.

Let us be your one-stop location for all your mailing services. With our wafer seal (tabbing) service, we will professionally seal up your mailer, fold it precisely if needed, meter it for postal delivery and print the address directly on the piece or affix an address label. Please visit our direct mail services to learn more about our complete line of quality service options.

Affiliated Direct Mail is a New Jersey-based company and along with our professional Wafer Seal Service, we offer a wide variety of other mailing services from sortation, printing, merge/purge and delivery prep. Let us guide you to a successful direct marketing mailing campaign from start to finish. Cost efficiency combined with a professional look, you'll be more than satisfied with the results. That's our guarantee! No matter where you are located, we'll work with you to deliver the highest quality mailing anywhere throughout the United States. All we ask is that you save time, save money and increase your sales today with us!