Stamp Affixing

US Postage Stamps — a vibrant option!

For any size mailing, there are plenty of options when applying postage. Using regular US postage stamps has become a new personalized approach that gives your mailing an exclusive and human touch. However, hand stamping hundreds or even thousands of mailing pieces individually will be time consuming and ultimately costly. At Affiliated Direct Mail, our Stamp Affixing offers the perfect solution when you choose to use attractive postage stamps while eliminating additional labor costs as well as the guess work of stamp costs.

This special service can handle any size or type of mailing — with sorting and monitoring that insures each piece is correctly stamped and looking good! This will personalize your mailing piece, telling each recipient you care by adding this special touch, all with the lowest rates possible. Standard, First Class and Nonprofit stamps can all be easily affixed to meet your needs. Our goal is always to prepare your mailings in the manner that will help you qualify for the lowest postage possible while still creating the professional and personal image you (and your customers!) desire.

Unlike postage meters that offer an unappealing and perhaps a too industrial look; using regular US postage stamps offer an engaging and bright appearance that will convey to your customers a personal touch — one that says care, sincerity and attentiveness. However it would take plenty of man hours to accomplish this, now with our Stamp Affixing Service we offer the lowest rates on preparing mailing pieces that use regular postage stamps — saving you valuable time and money.

Affiliated Direct Mail is a New Jersey-based company and along with our professional Stamp Affixing, we offer a wide variety of other mailing services from sortation, printing, merge/purge and delivery prep. Let us guide you to a successful direct marketing mailing campaign from start to finish. Cost efficiency combined with a professional look, you'll be more than satisfied with the results. That's our guarantee! No matter where you are located, we'll work with you to deliver the highest quality mailing anywhere throughout the United States. All we ask is that you save time, save money and increase your sales today with us!