Metering Services

To effectively speed up delivery service as well as save on your costs, Metering is a simple and effective solution for today's leading edge businesses. Though affixing postage stamps is still an option, metering is acknowledged as the quicker and cost saving alternative, preferred by thousands of companies everywhere.

Think about this — most companies waste up to 5% of their annual postage budgets by guessing the exact amount or simply over-estimating the postage based on the costs of traditional stamps. Postage Metering not only make sense for the money you will save but will also allow you to meet certain requirements that will help you qualify for even lower postage rates. The savings potential is tremendous.

Streamlining your service is our goal and our Postage Metering system allows us to not only sort and assemble your mailers, but we can meter your mail during this process making your mailing ready to go out in the quickest time possible. This time saving process allows you to realize the lowest postage rates on all your mailing fees.

Metering Is All About The Savings

  • Save on your postage budget
  • Save with lowered postage rates
  • Save time with a streamlined service that sorts and meters your mail
  • Save on service fees

Whether its in-line or off-line metering services, Affiliated Direct Mail offers all options with quality service, low rates and state-of-the art equipment all while presenting your readers with a professional look and speedy delivery. Please visit our direct mail services to learn more about our complete line of quality service options.

Affiliated Direct Mail is a New Jersey-based company and along with our professional Postage Metering Service, we offer a wide variety of other mailing services from sortation, printing, merge/purge and delivery prep. Let us guide you to a successful direct marketing mailing campaign from start to finish. Cost efficiency combined with a professional look, you'll be more than satisfied with the results. That's our guarantee! No matter where you are located, we'll work with you to deliver the highest quality mailing anywhere throughout the United States. All we ask is that you save time, save money and increase your sales today with us!