Match Mail Service

Despite the tremendous ebb and flow of business today and unique demographics of consumer information available, some companies still mail out the same information to everyone. This may work most of the time, however, there are times when you need to get "up close and personal" with your customers — with personalized letters, specific documentation or mailings based on psychographic marketing based on research.

Taking advantage of this type of mailing can help your company develop long term and lasting relationships with your customers and readers as well as truly market your products and information to the right client or reader. In turn your readers will always feel empowered by this personal touch and get a sense of trust and value with you! Including personalized materials within your direct mail marketing mailers is always a step you should seriously consider. The key of course is getting the right mail to the right recipient.

At Affiliated Direct Mail, our unique Match Mail Service is just the thing to help organize, speed up and follow through on seemingly complicated mail drops like these. We guaranteed we will match each piece of mail to the correct address, no matter how large a mailing. With our own personal hands on checking system, all your recipients will receive the right letters and correct mail pieces sent especially to them, enhancing the effectiveness of your campaign and saving you money. You can take comfort knowing that your campaign will be properly matched, formatted and sent on its way to the right recipient — the first time, every time.

Let us be your one-stop location for all your mailing services. Please visit our Direct Mail Services to learn more about our complete line of quality service options.

Affiliated Direct Mail is a New Jersey-based company and along with our professional Wafer Seal Service, we offer a wide variety of other mailing services from sortation, printing, merge/purge and delivery prep. Let us guide you to a successful direct marketing mailing campaign from start to finish. Cost efficiency combined with a professional look, you'll be more than satisfied with the results. That's our guarantee! No matter where you are located, we'll work with you to deliver the highest quality mailing anywhere throughout the United States. All we ask is that you save time, save money and increase your sales today with us!