Letter Stuffing

Automatic Inserting Service

Whether you're upgrading from a manual fold and stuff process or improving upon an outdated or unreliable machine, you'll find our Letter Stuffing Service will offer you the best solution. Affiliated Direct Mail provides a complete service that will automate and speed up drastically the entire folding, inserting and sealing process — saving time and money to your bottom line.

Our Automatic Inserting Service can prepare fully thousands of mailing pieces at a time, safely inserting the most delicate materials and insuring a professional seal and attractive appearance.


Our service offers state-of-the-art machinery that is up to fifty times faster than manual or older systems. As you know, speed of delivery is essential when it comes to getting your mail to your readers and customers on time. Don't get bogged down with a slow insertion time; get it done and out the door with our Letter Stuffing Service.

Safety & Accuracy

We offer a safe and accurate insertion of any item — from multi-page letters and catalogs to computer files on CDs or DVDs or just about any other flat fragile material — our software and checkers insure every piece is inspected and matched so every mail piece is absolutely perfect. Your ultimate success is our business!


With speed comes savings — the savings you'll get when our efficient letter stuffing prepares and mails your hundreds or thousands of mailing pieces for your Direct Mail Campaign. These savings can now mean more mailing pieces.

With our professional automatic inserting services you'll feel confident and sure that the job you want will be done right every time, all the time. Please visit our Direct Mail Services to learn more about the other great services that can offer tremendous savings while making your direct mail marketing campaign an inspired success.

Affiliated Direct Mail is a New Jersey-based company and along with our professional Letter Stuffing Service, we offer a wide variety of other mailing services from sortation, printing, merge/purge and delivery prep. Let us guide you to a successful direct marketing mailing campaign from start to finish. Cost efficiency combined with a professional look, you'll be more than satisfied with the results. That's our guarantee! No matter where you are located, we'll work with you to deliver the highest quality mailing anywhere throughout the United States. All we ask is that you save time, save money and increase your sales today with us!