Learn About Direct Mail

What does presorting do for me?

Several things, it helps speed your mail through the postal service, it also helps insure the deliverability of your mail piece. Most importantly, it can reduce your postage costs.

Can I select certain geographic areas for my list?

Yes, you can select by state, city, zip code or carrier route.

What is a carrier route?

Everyday you have mail delivered to your home or office by a "Carrier" or post man. The "Carrier" follows a predetermined path or "Route". Residential carrier "Routes" often have between 300 and 500 addresses in them.

Does what my mail piece look like affect my postage cost?

Absolutely, there are over 140 different categories that your mail could fall under. The wrong design can triple your postage costs.Give us a call to discuss your requirements.

How much control do I have over my list?

Lists can be selected by income, age, location, and other demographic information. There are many selections you can make to refine your mailing list. For business lists, common selections are: sales, employee size, contact name, geography, business type and phones.

Can I update my mailing list?

Yes, we can address correct your list (matching zips with city and street address) and update your list with NCOA. The NCOA is the National Change Of Address, we match your list up against the "move" information in the data banks of the post office. This process gives you the last known address, helping to ensure deliverability.

Why do I need Affiliated Direct Mail?

The postal requirements are constantly changing, we are aware of all the latest regulations. We can also save you a lot of time and money. Very often the cost of our direct mail and lettershop services are more than offset by the savings in postage.